Soar Pretty Cure! Chara Song Album 3 ~Sola&Solu~ (ソーアプリキュア!キャラソングアルバム3〜ソラ&ソル〜 Sōa Purikyua! Kyara Songu Arubamu 3 ~Sora&Soru~?) is the third character song album for the Soar Pretty Cure! series. It will be released on September 28th, 2016. The album contains a duet for Sola and Solu, their version of Like a bird... and the instrumental versions of their character song.


Track # Title Time
01 MAJI!? Sunny Happiness
(MAJI!? Sunny Happiness?)
02 Like a bird... ~Sola&Solu ver.~
(Like a bird... ~ソラ&ソルver.~
Like a bird... ~Sola&Solu ver.~?)
03 MAJI!? Sunny Happiness (Original・Karaoke)
(MAJI!? Sunny Happiness(オリジナル・カラオケ)
MAJI!? Sunny Happiness (Orijinaru・Karaoke)?)

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