SeasonSoar Pretty Cure!
Home PlaceCiel
Eye ColorMagenta
Hair ColorWhite with pink ombre
First AppearanceEpisode 0
Voice ActorTanaka Minami
Pretty Cure partnerCure Dove
Theme Color     Pink
Sola (ソラ Sora?) is one of the two main fairies in the Soar Pretty Cure! series. She is a young fairy who doesn't know much about the world. She often depends on Solu, Miwa and Otoha to educate her or protect her. She ends her sentences with "~lala".


Sola was born into a strict family but she couldn't handle how bossy her parents were. One day, she couldn't contain her sadness or anger, causing her to fall from the tree she lived in and gets the idea to run away. She finds a cave and decides to ignore her parents warnings about them, and she gets chased by a hoard of Lipers because of it. She eventually gets saved by Solu and decides to stay with him from then on.





Sola is a young hummingbird who doesn't seem to understand anything about the world. Due to this, she is full of curiosity and loves to learn new things. She always flies into trouble, and she has to depend on Solu, Miwa or Otoha to get her out of it. Like a normal child, she laughs a lot, even if it isn't funny. However, she gets scared easily and cries a lot, but she tries her best to be brave, especially when she is in a situation that only she can get herself out off. 


  • Solu - Sola met Solu when she was being chased by a hoard of Lipers. Her relationship with him grew after that when he named her and looked after her. This made her see him as a father figure or someone she could rely on when she was sad or having problems.


Sola (ソラ?) is deprived from the word Sora (?), which means 'sky' [1]. This relates to the sky theme that the series is revolved around.




Sola's voice actor, Tanaka Minami, has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with KENN, who voices Solu.



  • In episode 0, it was revealed that Sola was named by Solu instead of her parents. 
  • Sola is the first mascot to run away from her family.



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