Hi everyone! As you may already know, I am Otoha. A soon-to-be-famous-idol! I know it is November and it isn't quite December yet but I couldn't resist waiting any longer! If you remember Halloween, Hibiki wrote a Halloween story where myself, Miwa, Solu and Sola all went trick or treating. I'm really glad you all enjoyed the story! I was a little unsure how people would like it because it came a few months over episode 0. An amazing backstory on Sola and Solu that even I had no idea about until I read it.

Where was I? Ah, yes! Much like the Halloween story, Hibiki will be writing a Christmas story! It'll be added right here for your enjoyment on Christmas day - Australian/Japanese time. So be on the look out! Oh! You know I love singing, right? Well, Miwa and Sola aren't going to get away with being the only two to get a fun song together. Yup! That is right! Myself and Solu will be singing a song together called Christmas Promise (クリスマスの約束 Kurisumasu no Yakusoku?). It'll be released sometime around Christmas.

That is all I had to announce. See you in the Christmas story as Miwa and I have something huge to announce!

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