Hello! It's me, Ozora Miwa! Hehehe, well, it's finally October and Halloween is coming up! And not only is Halloween coming up, but so is Otoha's birthday! But, Otoha's birthday isn't the issue right now. Haha, I'm so nice, aren't I? Anyway, back to Halloween! You all know Halloween is a fun holiday where everyone ventures out at night, dressed up in scary or cute outfit asking for candy. Hmm, I love candy...I might even dress up as a bat because Halloween is supposed to be scary~ Oh yeah! More fun is on the way! So, myself and Sola are going to be singing a song for you called Trick or Treat! with a lot of references to this fun holiday. Oh! And along with that, a fun Halloween story featuring myself, Otoha, Sola and Solu will be included. And what is even better, Hibiki might even make a guest appearance! Ah~ I can't wait to meet her in person!!! Hmm, what else...oh no! I can't remember! Where is Otoha when I need her! Oh that's right! The song and story will be released on October 31st, 2016. In other words, on Halloween! 

I think that is all I have to say for now so look out for Otoha's news as she announces a fun treat (or trick) for you all in either November or December. Ah, she hasn't given't a proper date yet! Anyway, bye bye! 

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